In order to use the HapMap SNP Scanner to search for the SNPs of interest:

  1. Select the phenotyping result of the individual YRI B-LCL tested by your method of choice.
    ( 1 = phenotype positive, 0 = phenotype negative, NA = data not available)
    If YRI B-LCL were not tested, go to Home and choose page for appropriate ethnic group.
  2. Press the "Submit" button.
  3. Results will be displayed when the search is done. Response time depends on system load and number of permutations (preset number = 100).
GM-18501 GM-18502 GM-18504 GM-18505 GM-18507
GM-18508 GM-18516 GM-18517 GM-18522 GM-18523
GM-18852 GM-18853 GM-18855 GM-18856 GM-18858
GM-18859 GM-18861 GM-18862 GM-18870 GM-18871
GM-18912 GM-18913 GM-19092 GM-19093 GM-19098
GM-19099 GM-19101 GM-19102 GM-19116 GM-19119
GM-19127 GM-19128 GM-19130 GM-19131 GM-19137
GM-19138 GM-19140 GM-19141 GM-19143 GM-19144
GM-19152 GM-19153 GM-19159 GM-19160 GM-19171
GM-19172 GM-19192 GM-19193 GM-19200 GM-19201
GM-19203 GM-19204 GM-19206 GM-19207 GM-19209
GM-19210 GM-19222 GM-19223 GM-19238 GM-19239
Input desired number of permutations (Preset value = 100):
*Caution! This calculation will take around 5 minutes if permutation number is 100. As the number increses it takes longer.