In order to use the HapMap SNP Scanner to search for the SNPs of interest:

  1. Select the phenotyping result of the individual CHB B-LCL tested by your method of choice.
    ( 1 = phenotype positive, 0 = phenotype negative, NA = data not available)
    If CEU B-LCL were not tested, go to Home and choose page for appropriate ethnic group.
  2. Press the "Submit" button.
  3. Results will be displayed when the search is done. Response time depends on system load and number of permutations (preset number = 100).
GM-18524 GM-18526 GM-18529 GM-18532 GM-18537
GM-18540 GM-18542 GM-18545 GM-18547 GM-18550
GM-18552 GM-18555 GM-18558 GM-18561 GM-18562
GM-18563 GM-18564 GM-18566 GM-18570 GM-18571
GM-18572 GM-18573 GM-18576 GM-18577 GM-18579
GM-18582 GM-18592 GM-18593 GM-18594 GM-18603
GM-18605 GM-18608 GM-18609 GM-18611 GM-18612
GM-18620 GM-18621 GM-18622 GM-18623 GM-18624
GM-18632 GM-18633 GM-18635 GM-18636 GM-18637
Input desired number of permutations (Preset value = 100):
*Caution! This calculation will take around 5 minutes if permutation number is 100. As the number increses it takes longer.