In order to use the HapMap SNP Scanner to search for the SNPs of interest:

  1. Select the phenotyping result of the individual CEU B-LCL tested by your method of choice.
    ( 1 = phenotype positive, 0 = phenotype negative, NA = data not available)
    If CEU B-LCL were not tested, go to Home and choose page for appropriate ethnic group.
  2. Press the "Submit" button.
  3. Results will be displayed when the search is done. Response time depends on system load and number of permutations (preset number = 100).
GM-06985 GM-06991 GM-06993 GM-06994 GM-07000
GM-07019 GM-07022 GM-07029 GM-07034 GM-07048
GM-07055 GM-07056 GM-07345 GM-07348 GM-07357
GM-10830 GM-10831 GM-10835 GM-10838 GM-10839
GM-10846 GM-10847 GM-10851 GM-10854 GM-10855
GM-10856 GM-10857 GM-10859 GM-10860 GM-10861
GM-10863 GM-11829 GM-11830 GM-11831 GM-11832
GM-11839 GM-11840 GM-11881 GM-11882 GM-11992
GM-11993 GM-11994 GM-11995 GM-12003 GM-12004
GM-12005 GM-12006 GM-12043 GM-12044 GM-12056
GM-12057 GM-12144 GM-12145 GM-12146 GM-12154
GM-12155 GM-12156 GM-12234 GM-12236 GM-12239
GM-12248 GM-12249 GM-12264 GM-12707 GM-12716
GM-12717 GM-12740 GM-12750 GM-12751 GM-12752
GM-12753 GM-12760 GM-12761 GM-12762 GM-12763
GM-12801 GM-12802 GM-12812 GM-12813 GM-12814
GM-12815 GM-12864 GM-12865 GM-12872 GM-12873
GM-12874 GM-12875 GM-12878 GM-12891 GM-12892
Input desired number of permutations (Preset value = 100):
*Caution! This calculation will take around 5 minutes if permutation number is 100. As the number increses it takes longer.